EU Registered Community Design

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How to file a EU Registered Community design:

  1. Register or login
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. Upload images
  4. Pay EUR556 filing fee (payable in US$ with 4% conversion fee)

No Power of Attorney, Declaration, Assignment or other document is required.

Filing tips:

Article title:

Use the "Recommended Title" associated with your Classification as the "Title (English)". This will reduce the risk of the EUIPO issuing an office action.


Each EU Registered Community design should cite only one class. Refer to the main class, e.g. Class 7 and the sub-class.

Priority claim (optional) / prior disclosure:

Priority may be claimed from other design applications filed during the previous 6 months.

EU Registered Community designs may be filed within 12 months of first public disclosure.

Drawings / photos:

Multiple embodiments:

Each EU design application may include multiple embodiments, provided that:

The EU Registered Community design will not be registered until examination of each embodiment has been completed.

The official fees (registration and publication) is reduced by 50% for each of the second to 10th embodiments and further reduced by about 50% for embodiment 11 onwards.


Filing receipt and number:

We will email you a filing receipt and application number within a couple of days of filing.




EU Registered Community designs must be renewed every 5 years from the filing date and expire on the 25th anniversary of the filing date.

Renewals may be processed by the PayAnnuity patent renewal system.

How to file a design

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