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DIY South African trademark filing

Step 1: Login and select "New Cases" > "South Africa" > "Trademark" in the navigation bar on the left side.

Step 2: Complete the online application form; download Power of Attorney; upload scanned copies of the signed Power of Attorney; and pay by credit card

1. Mark/Logo


Registrability search: $300


Filing: $199
Opinion re examination report: No charge (automatically provided upon reporting of examination report)
Publication: $70
Courier of certificate to you: $110 (optional)


10 year renewal: $65

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Word mark:


Notes & Tips:

  • Search for the Word mark in other languages
  • Search for your Word in the classes in which you will trade. Also search for similar Words in associated classes
  • Descriptive marks (e.g. Joburg Cycles) are not good trade marks
  • Do not try register a well-known brand, e.g. ZARA

NOTE: This online search facility finds identical trade marks on the South African trade mark register, but excludes trade marks filed within the last 6 weeks. If a confusingly similar trade mark has previously been filed, or if a similar unregistered trade mark already enjoys a reputation in South Africa, the South African Trade Marks Office may refuse your application.

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Next steps:

  • Upon payment, we will immediately file the South African trademark application.
  • We will send you an application number and filing receipt within two business days, and you can track the status of the application online.
  • The South African trademark examiner may issue an examination report within 9-12 months of filing. If issued, the examination report should be responded to within 3 months. When reporting on issuance of an examination report, we will include S&Z Trademark Attorneys' opinion regarding how to respond thereto. You may instruct S&Z Trademark Attorneys to respond to the examination report (cost: from US$70).
  • Within 15-20 months of filing, we should send you an email reporting acceptance of the trademark application. You will need to respond to this email and instruct us to publish acceptance (cost: $70 payable by credit card).
  • If acceptance of the trademark application is not opposed by a third party following publication, we typically receive the trademark registration certificate within 6-8 months of publication. An electronic copy of the registration certificate will be emailed to you without charge, and you can (optionally) request the document to be couriered to you )cost: $110 payable by credit card).

Note: Filing and official fees are included in our filing fee. Downstream costs: Requesting opinion regarding examination report (if any), no charge (automatically provided upon reporting of examination report); Replying to examination report (if any) (from $70); Publication ($70); Courier ($110, optional); and Renewals.

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