Nigerian Patent

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How to file a Nigerian patent:

  1. Register or login
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. Download, sign, scan and upload forms
  4. Pay US$650 filing fee

Filing requirements:

No documents need to be commissioned, notarized or legalised.

No original documents need to be couriered to us.


Online filing:


PCT patents can be extended to Nigeria within 30 months of the priority date.

Filing receipt and number:

We will email you a filing receipt and application number within a couple of days of filing.

Patent exclusions:

Apart from the general requirement that the invention must be novel (absolute / worldwide novelty), inventive and capable of industrial application, Nigerian patent law does not permit patents for:



Country rules:

Nigerian patent law permits:


Nigerian patent applications must be filed in English.

Sequence listing:

If required, a sequence listing may be uploaded to the system on filing. However, if the sequence listing was lodged with WIPO a copy need not be lodged with the Nigerian Patent Office.


The Nigerian national phase patent application may be amended upon filing. Please request a quote for any amendment.

Nigerian patents may be amended after grant, provided that the scope of the claims is not increased.


Nigerian patents must be renewed annually from the PCT filing date. We suggest paying historical renewals on filing the Nigerian patent. Subsequent Nigerian patent renewals are processed by the PayAnnuity patent renewal system. Nigerian patents may be renewed "to term" (i.e payment of all 19 renewals / annuities) for only US$630.

How to file a patent